Hi I am Emma!

Beautiful Souls, I am Emma, a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Medium on a soul mission to awaken your world.

Specialising in Gut Health, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Green Juices and Gratitude.

I have great passion for my family, friends, dogs, sitting in cafes for extended periods of time, crossfit and yoga, the smell of the country and the freshness of the coast, but most of all, I love soul to soul connected conversations that stop time.


It was my Mother's courageous action when diagnosed with colon cancer in 2009 that opened the door to a world I didn't even know existed.

Always intrigued by wellness and optimal living, questioning there has to be more, it wasn’t until we were faced with no choice but to step into it, did my life purpose start to unfold.

Her decision to take the ‘alternative’ path to treating her dis-ease lead us on one heck of an adventure around the world. 

 Starting at the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, learning how its possible to heal the body, mind and spirit and bring back your health beyond your wildest dreams.

For four courageous years Mum experienced life to its fullest and learnt more about the body, how to heal, the mind and the emotions linked to creating dis-ease, than in her entire life and I was blessed to witness and be apart of this journey.

However it has been since her passing in 2013 that I have discovered the most about this experience we call life and how to really live it.

Coming from the depths of unimaginable grief, a belief that I was solely responsible for someone else’s happiness and life, to tremendous amounts of fear, depression and anxiety to the point of not even being able to leave the house, to a life where excitement surges through my veins and gratitude fills my heart.

What I never understood at the time was how stress and extreme negative thought patterns were ruining my health and causing absolute havoc to my physical body and mental wellbeing. It was this downward spiral that I had to experience in its full entirety to really understand and make the decision that it was either time to feed my own demise, or survive and thrive.

From over hauling my diet to help re-build my adrenal glands back to optimum function, to attending a 10 day silent meditation retreat, to learning to protect my own energy, to dissolving the debilitating belief I am responsible for the world and to enrolling to become a Health Coach, I have discovered that we all have this innate power within to make positive lasting change and CREATE a life of pure amazement.

I now help others to nourish their body through education and by fuelling it with the best ever food, which leads to the best ever thoughts, which allows the best ever experiences, which leads to relationships with the best ever people and then consequently leads you to achieving your best ever goals and dreams.

I believe awareness welcomes healing and my role is to create and hold space for you to connect to your inner being, to tap into the wisdom and knowledge held within and simply to listen.

Coming from a place of ‘is this really worth it’ to knowing that this life is more than worth it, I don’t want others to be in a place where this is even a question.

We are in the best of times and the worst of times and its a period where we need to step up and play big, I’m here to help you achieve that!

From Emma with love

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